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Bay News & Brooklyn Graphic

The Bay News is the flagship newspaper of Courier Life Publications and Community News Group — the borough’s largest chain of community weeklies — covering news and events in Sheepshead Bay, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Kings Highway, Manhattan Beach, and Midwood. The family-run tabloid began nearly 70 years ago as a World War II newsletter, reporting on Brooklynites serving in the Armed Forces. Its expanded and colorized print and web presence continues to connect readers with advertisers seeking these important neighborhoods.

Bay News & Brooklyn Graphic Demographics

Male 49%
Female 51%

Median Age 48
Ages 25–34 17%
Ages 35–54 35%

Median HHI $57,700
HHI $50K+ 48%
HHI $75K+ 34%

SOURCE: CNG Research

Mill Basin–Marine Park Courier

It’s the youngest newspaper in our chain — and a one-of-a-kind. The Mill Basin-Marine Park Courier — established in 2009 to cover residential Marine Park, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, Canarsie, and Georgetown — offers vast potential for businesses looking to strengthen their community-focused advertising. These hyper-localities in Southern Brooklyn are a magnet for young, upwardly mobile families and affluent professionals, making them an ideal target for your business message.

Mill Basin–Marine Park Courier demographics

Male 47%
Female 53%

Median Age 41
Ages 25–34 17%
Ages 35–54 37%

Median HHI $71,600
HHI $50K+ 65%
HHI $75K+ 47%

SOURCE: CNG Research

Bay Ridge Courier

Bay Ridge’s community appeal is a powerful vehicle for lucrative business opportunities, and its hometown newspaper — the Bay Ridge Courier — is the forum of choice to fortify brands. Residents of Bay Ridge — named for its proximity to the Narrows Bay and its glacial-era high ridge — know their neighbors, schools, and merchants. They attend civic meetings together and unite at community fundraisers. The small-town ambience offers big potential for advertisers desiring solid community coverage.

Bay Ridge Courier demographics

Male 48%
Female 52%

Median Age 42
Ages 25–34 24%
Ages 35–54 39%

Median HHI $63,500
HHI $50K+ 59%
HHI $75K+ 42%

SOURCE: CNG Research

Brooklyn Courier

Brooklyn Courier advertisers have taken notice of Brooklyn’s growing reputation as an incubator for tech startups and trendy commercial enterprises. Its fringe culture of young hipsters powers a thriving indie arts, food, and music scene in Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Ditmas Park, Downtown, Kensington, DUMBO, and Windsor Terrace. Exciting long-term initiatives — including the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Strategic Plan, estimated to advance economic, recreational, and commercial growth in the greater Downtown Brooklyn area over the next 10 years — are plums of opportunity waiting to be plucked by savvy companies.

Brooklyn Courier demographics

Male 47%
Female 53%

Median Age 37
Ages 25–34 20%
Ages 35–54 41%

Median HHI $92,300
HHI $50K+ 75%
HHI $75K+ 55%

SOURCE: CNG Research

“Through our 10 years here at The Pearl Room, CNG and the Bay Ridge Cour­ier have been instru­mental in helping us grow. The Courier’s mar­ket­ing skills, ad designs, and dining stories have helped us expand our cust­omer base through the entire borough of Brooklyn. Even as hectic as it can be in the restaurant business, they have always been willing to work with us very closely to make sure we make all of the special edition deadlines. The personal touch is what makes working with them so great.”

Anthony Rinaldi
Chef / Proprietor
The Pearl Room Restaurant

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