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Gay City News

Gay City News boasts America’s most experienced and pioneering team in LGBT journalism, a team that since the 1980’s has chronicled cross-currents, struggles and triumphs of the gay civil rights movement and the determined fight to surmount the AIDS epidemic.

Gay City News speaks to the core of ”America’s most influential untapped market” according to The Wall Street News, reaching more LGBT New Yorkers than all national gay magazines combined. Gay City News is distributed throughout Manhattan as well as select neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens.

Sponsorship & Partner Opportunities: As one of the nation’s leading LGBT media, Gay City News regularly sponsors with local, regional and national businesses and organizations for a variety of dynamic events and promotions. For complete details, contact the marketing department.


Male 50%
Female 50%

Median Age 37
Ages 25–34 18%
Ages 35–54 66%

Median HHI $68,500
HHI $50K+ 63%
HHI $75K+ 47%

College educated 62%
Employed 87%
Working full-time 78%
Professional 58%
Married 26%
Significant other 42%
With kids 39%

SOURCE: Pulse Research

“Gay City News editor Paul Schind­ler’s always-strong opinions make the paper kind of a must-read even outside the community.”

Ben Smith

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